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Success is a journey, not a destination. And Coaching by G is about being there for you throughout your journey. In this blog, Coach Giulia not only shares fitness training and nutrition tips but motivation and personal stories for inspiration.

This time is not different than any other time.

In today’s post, I want to talk about something besides fitness.  Just like you, I am a multifaceted human being with a varied background.

As you know, I always write about fitness, nutrition, ways to get inspired to change, and ultimately I will find a way to write about health.  But now I’d like to talk about the things happening in our world, because I am not at work in the same way and likely, neither are you.

I must also amend my earlier description of this pandemic as a “forced pause,” and call it what it is…a “hard stop.”

So while we are STOPPED, why not read a book that transforms your reality, plant a garden, build a fire-pit, learn a new spiritual practice, take up a new sport, learn to cook? I have a million suggestions!

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Zoom my ass.



I genuinely miss seeing you in my studio, my dear clients.  I hope you are thriving and that your sense of humor is intact.  During this time, I have been reading a lot, training with purpose and really thinking about how best to connect with you during the quarantine.  I miss watching you flourish in our shared physical space. If you have suggestions for connecting, please email me!

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Client Spotlight: Bryan Cheung


I was finally getting back to a regular schedule when it all started to change. I was working out 5 days a week, eating better, balancing work, it was all coming together. But then COVID-19 happened. First the schools closed, then companies shifted their employees to work from home, and finally all business, including both my gyms, were closed. That last one sucked. How am I going to keep improving without a place to get my squats, and deadlifts, and power cleans in? 

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Making the Most of Quarantine

Here we are in the midst of a global quarantine.  For some people working from home or schooling from home is a relief, social distancing is already a preferred way of life.  For sure, this generation is adept at virtual social gatherings. As an introvert, I can get behind a great degree of social distancing. Some people are truly extroverts, though, and they really are having a hard time feeling confined and alone. 

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In the midst of this global crisis, the uncertainty is real for everyone.  Embrace the here and now by improving your life, regardless of the situation.  Your new habits will accompany you into the future. Now is the time to create them, with the motivation and guidance of an experienced, inspiring coach.

Client Spotlight: Michelangelo D’Agostino

“Giulia’s training is invaluable to me, especially during this time when we’re all stuck in our houses. She creates custom, at-home workouts for me that I know I would never put together myself. And she holds me accountable when I think that I’m too busy or too tired to do them. G’s training is going to help me get through this.” – Michelangelo D’Agostino

About the Coronavirus…

Coach Giulia Isetti

Dear Coaching by G Community,

The health and welfare of our clients and our coaches is always the top priority.  Coronavirus is a profound concern for many people in our community. We want to let our members know what measures we are taking and more importantly what steps each of you can take to help prevent the spread of the virus.

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