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Introducing: Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park

Fri, April 21st, 2017 | Posted in: News

This year, 2017, Coaching by G became the first OPEX license in Chicago. Why?

I started Coaching by G in 2009 to help people transform their bodies and their lives.

Joining OPEX for me is a continuing journey on the path I started down in 2009 to help others transform. My "WHY" has always been meeting individuals where THEY ARE in their journey, to partner with them in a relationship that is lasting and meaningful. OPEX embodies the same philosophy. This is an organic transition for me. Having the support of a large organization behind me, which encompasses the best coaching education I have ever seen, and the philosophy of one-coach-one-client, is great chemistry. Together we can effect change on a much larger scale. OPEX is a community of the best and smartest coaches in the field. Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park is part of a team of the best athletes and coaches in the world.

Our goal is to inspire people to live larger lives.

When you enter Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park you will immediately understand that your best interests are aligned with the gym owner and the coach toward achieving YOUR goals. While you have amazing ongoing support in the gym and with your coach, we will simultaneously be "teaching you to fish." One of the most important aspects of seeing long term results is tangible progress in areas of your life that you prioritize. Whether your priorities are providing for your children, earning a college scholarship, building your career without losing a grip on the rest of your life, or competing at the pinnacle of your sport, your Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park coach will design your path to reach your goals while helping you enjoy the ride!

When you start working out at Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park you will have your own personal coach who designs all of your workouts, your nutrition planning, and helps you with lifestyle changes that support you. Everyday you will have the opportunity to workout with a group of like-minded clients, and you will have a coach on the gym floor who will make sure you are moving safely and effectively. Just like you, the other clients will be building their lifelong fitness right next to you.

Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park gym is the perfect mesh of quality training in a fantastic environment. You'll immediately feel and see the difference from other gyms. Each individual is working toward personal goals developed with their personal coach in a targeted and effective method. Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park takes the best of personal training, the smartest program design, and the fun of a great fitness environment and puts it under one roof!

Welcome to Coaching by G OPEX Oak Park! 

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